5 days ago

Advice needed

So I am In the bedroom with the kids when all of a sudden hubby invites a registered sex offender and his girlfriend over. I told him I don't feel comfortable but he didn't listen to me . What would you do in this situation? Hubby literally came in the room and took the kids out to the living room. Also the people he invited over cuss a lot and talk inappropriately as in jokes about dicks. Uggghhhhh Im at a loss.
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4 days ago

If you say no to sex and he still manipulates you and does it without your consent that’s consider rape . I think in my opinion you have to many red flags . I would grab my kids and go if I was you .

5 days ago

@Rina he never listens to me I say no to sex he guilt trips me until I give in and just lay on the bed and let him

5 days ago

I wouldn’t tolerate that people around my kids . My house is my kids safe space and privacy . If he stills want to hang out with those people we can do it far way from the kids . We should have respect the kids and protecting their safe environment. And the fact that he didn’t validate your words saying you were not comfortable is a big red flag .

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