Eczema during pregnancy

Hi girlies, Has anyone suffered with eczema for the first time during pregnancy and know of anything that helps? Mine started in the second trimester and just seems to be getting worse. I was using bio oil before it began and stopped when I noticed the eczema beginning. It’s mainly just on my stomach but creeping up to my boobs and chest/under arms. Turned to E45 which I still use but it doesn’t seem to be doing the job! Dr prescribed a cortisone cream for 5 days but this also did not help! Natural remedies or creams welcome!! Xx🙏🏼
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Aveeno has been a LIFESAVER for me! It really really helps lock in the moisture. It apparently had oats in, which helps 🤷🏼‍♀️. I got a white bottle, expensive, but has been so worth it for me.

I've just come off 5 days antibiotics for my eczema on my hands and I use steroid cream twice a day and unfortunately nothing is helping. Dr said its something that will calm down once I give birth 🤞🏼

I had PUPPPs and the only thing that helped besides cortisone cream was vitamin E! And I had to switch my detergent.

i used sensitive dove body wash and ultra rich eucerin body cream, mine took about 2 months to fully run its course but just make sure you’re taking cooler showers and moisturizing often

I had the same with my first pregnancy . shea butter and Coconut oil helped me . Use it to moisturize after you bathe .

I had the same thing I just let it be and it got better by its self

This looks like PUPPPs rash (google it!). Oatmeal baths can be soothing!

Lifelong eczema sufferer here! I’ve tried a million moisturisers and emollients but Cerave moisturising cream (the thick cream not the lotion) has been the best for me. I also use Oilatum shower gel which might be something to consider - it’s like moisturising while still in the shower which really helps keep moisture in the skin. Always moisturise straight after a shower or bath, ideally when still a bit damp. I’ve also found a tepid bath with Epsom salts can help to soothe the itch. Pregnancy might have made your skin more sensitive, so I’d try cutting out perfumed soaps and other products. Also if you’ve changed anything like your detergent in the last few months, that could have set it off. Hope you get some relief soon!

A think layer of sudocrem was the only thing that soothed my itching other than E45 cream

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