Feeling down and lonely

Anyone else feeling unsupported alone depressed? I feel sorry for my child because of feeling these emotions that i may be letting them down - before they are even born. It’s not nice having to feel so lonely and uncared about but I just wish that my child would not have to suffer from these feelings as a result. Will they be okay?
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Hey have you spoken to your GP or midwife about this? These feelings may be normal but you just want to safe guard against pre or postnatal depression setting in. I can resonate with what you’re saying. I had no family support system except my husband so we’ve struggled but managed Alhamdulilah. It does get depressing though.

May Allah make it easy for you . I’m here if you need a talk 💜💜

This is absolutely normal due to our ever-changing hormones!! The fact that you're worried about your unborn child also shows your EQ MashaAllah. Make lots of Dua and don't hesitate to talk to people you're close with about how you're feeling, and if needed take professional help too. May Allah make it easy for you

As Salammu Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh sister. Your not alone I am proud of you for reaching out. I see your in your last trimester subhannallah . We all go through different stages In our pregnancy as of our hormones . My inbox is always open and your more than happy to message me . When little baba is here then you won't be lonely you will have lots of quality time in sha Allah. Do message me if you want to . Your not alone 🫶🏽🤲🏽

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