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So I’m working an at home job currently but today was the day I’ve had it with being stressed out because of my job and stressed out because I also have to take care of my 7 month old daughter. I literally just can’t take the stress anymore and feel like doing a overnight shift is starting to be a better option.. I just don’t know how my fiancé would handle all this. He keeps pushing me to work where I’m constantly stressed out and barley have time for anything else. I feel like working over night would be better as I’d be with baby during the day, get to spend a couple of hours with my fiancé, & then work over night but idk. Thoughts?
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@👑Jess👑 morning time when I get off for a few hours. I have a close friend that’s willing to help with watching my daughter for those few hours if I decide to go that route

When would you sleep?

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