my first little one came a week early & he measured on time, i am hardly a year postpartum (babies 14 months apart) and due october 23rd. based on my last period i am 35 weeks, today we went in for an ultrasound and im measuring 38 weeks.. anyone else had experience with this & does anyone think ill deliver early like in the next week or two or will i just have a huge baby? he's estimated to weigh like 9lbs. im already have contractions which have been putting me in sm pain.
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I measured WAY ahead. I was measuring close to 12 pounds at 38 weeks. She was delivered at 39+2 weighing 8lbs 12.2 oz. They measurements they give from scans are estimates

My boy. He was measuring about the same as you’re saying and he was exactly 9lbs lol. Even tho I have big babies, I was induced at 39 weeks and I was 5cm when I got to the hospital 🙃 sometimes they can be inaccurate so I wouldn’t look too far into it. Probably just baby on bigger side! Even with how big he was my doctor said he would probably be close to 8lbs but went to 9lbs

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