Are any of your babies traditionally crawling yet? My little guy does an army crawl and a swimmers looking crawl. If so, when did they start?
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Idk what to call the type of crawling mine does but it looks like a frog leap

Mine started crawling about a month and half after the army crawling.

My baby started crawling at 5.5 months and now she’s more interested in standing up. I think she’s going to be walking any day now 😮‍💨

My baby started crawling around 6.5 months but was doing the army crawl for a few weeks before that

Yesss and she’s a busy girl! Pulling up too

@Allison my son doesnt seem to interested in being on all fours. It’s very rare that he does that. He planks at times lol

Mine does the same. Just starting this week he’s seeming like he might start hands and knees crawling but not sure

My girly is. She started maybe a month ago. She was doing the army crawl on our carpet but traditional crawling on our hardwood floor. Putting her in long pants allowed her crawl anywhere…. Guess she doesn’t like our carpet 😂

Mine started crawling after turning 7months, before he would gon his tummy and get on all fours.

@Caitlin thanks for your response!

My son is, but he just started within the last 5 days or so. He was army crawling before that for a bit!

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