Posting relationship status?

Do you think I should be concerned that there’s nothing about me or us on my boyfriend’s social media after 10 months? Or is that something people don’t really do anymore? I don’t do FB or any of the others so I know nothing about this.
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@Antonia I agree. Doesn’t make sense to over share until you know it’s permanent. Only changed it for my husband a couple months before he proposed.

I didn't change my status on fb until my then boyfriend proposed. I said once I changed it, it was gonna stay that way.

Ask and suggest ! “Hey I’ve noticed I really want to be on your social media and it would make me feel really proud and secure with us, is that cool?” If he loves you this should be something he has no problem with

I worked with a girl who's been dating a guy for a couple of years, met his family and everything. But he wouldn't go "Facebook official" with her for some reason. Some time later she found out that he not only had another girlfriend, he also had a fiance. She conspired with the other girls to all tell the guy they were pregnant to freak him out before they dumped him. Not saying that is the case here. Is this your only reason for concern?

I would only be concerned if he's really active on Facebook and hasn't changed anything. If he doesn't go on there much, change his profile picture or post much, then I wouldn't be concerned.

My fb status still says I'm in a complicated relationship with my best gf. I think it dates back to 2009. My partner said he was in a relationship with me on tb one day he thought about it 3 years into the relationship and 2 living together. I did feature in some pics, but neither of us are much of social media buffs

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