How to be a better mother

I honestly believe I’m an unfit mother and I’m not sure what to do. I love my children but I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have had them. It’s too late of course but I feel awful. I thought I was ready for motherhood but I’m not. I miss my old life. I didn’t get to enjoy my life at all and now it’s just filled with being a mom. Anyone have any tips to being a better mother?
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I would like to know as well I think you are showing signs of good mom by asking how to be one

We all feel like this sometimes I believe. I think that we want so much for our kids and love them so much that we want to be perfect for them and always do everything right. Impossible. We r still human. I think its normal to miss who u were prior to kids. I suggest finding time for YOU.. bc before you were a mom u were still YOU. If that makes sense. Hell, I wanna feel like a Bad Bitxh sometimes too ! I don't wanna look like a tired mom😂 so if u can, find time for YOU. My life is kinda wrapped around being a mom too but I do take the time for me, sometimes. Girl I LOVE having ME time at the movies alone. I go to the nail shop alone and then sometimes I take her. I take days off for ME. I know it's hard baby, I know. But hang in there. My inbox is always Open *sends hugs*🤗🤗

Just bc you miss what life used to be like doesn’t make you a bad mom. You’re only human. You need to make sure you’re taking time out for you to do things that make you happy. Maybe you should see a therapist to let out emotions & get validation for who you are as a person. My counselor has been awesome at making me know I’m not just mom, it’s just a chapter in your life. Absorb it in & enjoy as much of it as you can bc this too, shall pass.

@Brittany it’s just so hard to. I feel so stripped from my own identity and body.

@Merissa I have a therapist I jsut feel awful even saying it out loud

I'm so sorry you feel this way😞

That’s bc you’re a good mom! You just need to make sure you set time aside for you. You seem like an amazing person & it sounds like your kids are lucky to have you

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