Apex legends or rust console

Hey mamas! I’m looking for a low level or newbie apex legends player. I’m level 74 but haven’t played in years and want to get back into it! I had bad luck with randoms so looking for some gaming friends. I also play rust on console and would love to find some mamas to join me on there as well!
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I play apex. I'm low level at the moment because I play other games as well.

I'm low level in apex 😅 I believe I'm 10 or so haven't played in a while

Yall add me! Ecdaypenguin we can figure out time to play if you want!

I'm not low level but I'm not good lol we can play sometime if you want !

Definitely! Tag is ECDayPenguin. Add me! I’m on most evenings after 7:30ish.

Added ButtonsPusher is my gamer tag

I didn’t get it so I sent you a request

@Day I added you. 😊

I play apex not a low level but looking for a 3rd player icyqueentam is my tag x

Will any of you be on this evening? I want to play and have people to play with lol

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