Best online resources to prepare for newborn?

So I started antenatal classes but only got to go to two as I broke my hip and spent over a week in hospital. I’m recovering slowly but I feel like I’m suddenly behind on buying stuff and still know nothing!! I still can’t walk/stand for long periods as I’m still having physio so i need something online. I’ve been using the lullaby trust to learn about sleep but bathing, feeding etc I’m still clueless.
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Thank you! Just booked my place for a few baby academy classes :)

I did The Positive Birth Company's Hypnobirthing course and their Postpartum course as well as a fair few Baby Academy classes. I didn't go to any local antenatal classes but I learnt loads from both The Positive Birth Company and The Baby Academy so I don't feel like I've missed out at all x

I have done Positive Birth Company hypnobirthing which has been amazing. She has postpartum sessions as well and you do it all at home 👌

The Positive Birth company are fab x

Birth-ed online classes, really cheap and incredible info to prepare you for birth etc! Also the birth-ed podcast, the Midwives Cauldron podcast too, loads of useful information! There is a book called breastfeeding and the third trimester you can get on audible which is amazing for more info for breastfeeding side of things.

Have a look at The Baby Academy on Instagram- they do free classes for everything baby related☺️xx

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