Any tips with RSV?

My 18 month got diagnosed on Saturday and I feel like she’s only getting worse. 103/104 fevers they are not keeping her in the hospital. She can breathe, but has barely ate since Friday. I almost want to take her back, but they told me she needs to ride it out. I’m really concerned
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Trust your instincts, if your not happy and worried take them back

After meds is the fever going down to 101.5? As long as she is getting fluids & eating nutrient based foods she should overcome this in 7-10 days. Is she playing? Is it only rough at night? You can do cold tablets that help with coughing made by Hylands. & 18 mo so I'd cut milk to one cup a day & push water/ 6-8oz total Powerade has the same ingredients as Pedialyte✨ room humidifier, elevate to sleep. She can also take daily kids vitamin now (chew/gummy) 1x daily. I'd offer 4oz oj and besides that push water. Milk In the am but don't be surprised if she doesn't want milk. She needs iron like granola bars, fig bars, oatmeal add brown sugar I'm sure she will eat, brat diet like rice and chicken help too

Just keep checking her fevers & if she’s not able to break through them then for sure go to a different ER. My little ones just got over RSV. They did a chest X-ray & ruled out pneumonia so no antibiotics were given. For my toddler I gave him Hylands cold & mucus medicine to help with the cough. Humidifier. My 4 month old was given a breathing treatment and just the humidifier and that was it. Thank god it never got really bad. Hope your babies feel better soon!

103/ 104° fever is very dangerous for infants. That's ridiculous they told you that she needs to ride it out b take her to another ER with pediatrics because that's not right

Other than what I just said, just keep alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen every 3-4 hours to keep the fever down and set up a cool mist humidifier

Is she staying hydrated? Set a timer for 30 seconds and count her breaths looking at her belly. Multiply by two and that’s her breath rate. I find it easier to check if they are asleep. If she is breathing more than 40 breaths per minute that’s a sign of respiratory distress. Other signs include flaring of the nostrils, “tugging” of the chest, where her belly will increase but the chest will decrease like a see saw. If she has any of these take her to the ER, and if you have more than one ER near you, find the one that has pediatrics on staff and go there instead. Not all ERs have pediatrics on staff. When my kid had RSV and a high respiratory rate I was ignored at one ER that didn’t have pediatrics, so I went to another one and they admitted him for two weeks. He was really sick. He’s made a full recovery though!

I’m assuming you’ve been giving ibuprofen and Tylenol? I think that’s the only thing you can do so I’d just continue with that and just pray for healing

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