Has anyone with babies that suffer with severe eczema been referred to a dermatologist? Or anyone higher than the doctors…
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We were referred but our GP recommended going private as the waiting lists were minimum 6 months. So we went private and it was the best thing we did - really helped

@Hollie my sons covers his arms and shoulders completely, his back is covered in patches but they’re getting bigger so that will be covered soon too, the same with his stomach. His legs are bad on the outside thighs and then patches on the insides and down the rest of his legs & little patches on the top of his feet. His face is starting to get small patches now too 😡 Honestly the doctors are useless, they just palm you off with anything just so they can say they’ve “done something about it” x

Ahhh I don’t think I’ll bother with the doctors then… Out of curiosity how severe are your babies? My little girls back is completely covered, along with elbow creases and behind the knees but it has only just started irritating her as she is older. We’ve tried all the creams possible, and the steroid cream too but like you both they just don’t work 😞 only so long I can watch her be uncomfortable for.

@Aneasa yeah they said no to allergy testing for mine too! But there has to be a cause? Yes we are the same, even the hydrocortisone cream doesn’t help, it’s made it worse if anything! They gave me antihistamines for itching which doesn’t help so he wakes up multiple times a night crying because he’s so frustrated with being itchy. It’s heartbreaking! Weve tried 6 emollient creams which none have helped either. I hope your appointment goes well & you get sorted! X

My GP are useless and won’t refer me for dermatologist or get an allergy test. We don’t even know if he has eczema even the doctors don’t know. Dermatologist are expensive but we’re taking my little boy on Thursday for his first private appointment. I’m same with you @Mama A I can’t see my son suffer the way he is. I’m sick and tired of using different creams. He’s only just turned 1 and my poor baby has gone through probs 8 creams already 😩

I’ve asked to be referred to a dermatologist but the doctor won’t do it so I’ve gone private. It’s so expensive but my LB is so uncomfortable I can’t just leave him! Waiting for our first appointment!

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