Hey girls , I’m only 13 weeks and my body feels like I’m going into labour, I’ve been having really bad cramps which feels like the very start of labour , on and off some hurt more than others, it’s only come on about an hour ago and I’ve had 4 on and off cramps , sorry about the TMI but I’ve had the runs too. I’ve had a lot of watery discharge the last week. Do you guys think this is just everything stretching ?
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Are you still experiencing watery discharge ?

Hey thanks for your replies girls. Doctor gave my laxatives tablets a week a go , I have to take 2 a night but I’ve been going to the toilet fine since being on them, I tried to sleep it off but have woken up with pain, gonna call my midwife. Xx

That sounds like a gastric issue, I’ve had bad cramps and diarrhoea after eating something peppery the other day and it was so painful. But I’ve had contractions before and this was nothing in comparison 🫣 chat with your midwife or GP just in case but it sounds like you have some form of gastritis. ❤️ Hoping you feel better soon x

Never hurts to touch base with your medical professional.

I have literally been getting cramps over the last hour non of your other symptoms. I think it could definitely be stretching. But if you are genuinely worried you should call your midwife.

I will advise you to see your doctor

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