Dizziness & passing out

Im 16 weeks and 5 days, and for the majority of the pregnancy so far I get dizzy alot, and even pass out, I even got a concussion bc of it. Has anyone else dealt with this? What can I do to help it.
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@Jazzie I have to be very careful with hot steamy and how long I stay in the shower… I will get very faint ish.

Yeah my doctor it was normal and my blood not reaching my head basically he said I can't stand but it's okay to walk Standing for work or washing dishes is not good I have the same problem I even have to watch how long I shower girl its crazy

@Chasity I was going to say probably can be preclamsia in having 2 and that’s exactly how I feel sometimes

@Alexa just one

@Chasity but is one ? Or twins ?

@Alexa not sure. Won't find out till Dec. 19

What you’re having ?

I am currently also 16 weeks 5 days and have the same problem. My blood pressure and blood sugar are having problems regulating so they are constantly low. I get IV fluids weekly to help with it!

Could be iron or B12 anemia. Definitely let your doc know and get some routine bloodwork. Good luck!!

I had this happen to me with my first pregnancy & it was in the second trimester.

@Tyler yup baby is taking all the goods from ya lol . Hope all is well💕

Dealing with that now my doctors checking my hemoglobin, she said it could be low or I’m dehydrated! I noticed when I drink a liquid IV before bed I wake up and feel less dizzy during the day.

Have your midwife or doctor check your iron levels. Baby maybe draining you of your iron. Please do this ASAP!

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