Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone else had the same experience with me? While I was pregnant a woman called me from Venture Photography at Palmers Green and said that I’ve won a coupon for a free photoshoot from Emma’s diary. We arrange a call after giving birth as I preferred to do a photoshoot for my newborn. When she called to arrange the day for the photoshoot in the end she asked me the full details of my bank card to hold the appointment. She said “I’m not going to withdraw any money” I refused to give it to her as 16digital number ex. Date and the back of the card details we are not supposed to give it to anyone. She said: every client is doing that in order to hold the appointment. I really do not understand why this happened because I called the studio to check if that person is really from this photography studio and it was.
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I mean it’s obviously up to you if you decide to do it or not, but just know it’s not a scam and they won’t use your card details, venture has been trading for over 25 years, it’s just a commitment you will attend the appointment

I agree to hold the appointment but what if someone does not show up? Do they take money then? They could simply send us a link to pay for example 15£ to hold the appointment and if someone doesn’t show up to hold the money. I have done that before for a scan appointment but not giving my card details.

I had a free one from Emma’s diary too, but in north wales. Voucher entitles you to free shoot and one free picture but beware they charge £80 per picture if you decide you want any more (or at least our local studio does) 🙈 they didn’t send the price list until we’d already had the shoot and I presumed they’d be expensive.. that’s how they get you in!

I work for venture photography Rochdale it’s a legit voucher, we take card details to hold the booking as we get people who cancel and don’t show up sometimes and it takes an appointment that someone else may have wanted, it’s just the same as reserving a time at a restaurant

I got a letter from a photography place for a free coupon aswell after I gave birth it had Emma’s diary logo in the corner and I booked it online it didn’t ask for my card number or anything so I’m not sure why they would ask for that. Xx

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