Childcare for delivery

For those that already have kids, what is your plan for your children while you are in the hospital? I'm currently thinking I'll have my MIL or my best friend watch my son in our home for the couple days we are staying on the hospital. Does anyone hire a babysitter or nanny for that time? What are your experiences? This is my second child, so I'm just trying to do the best I can for my toddler while I can't care for him (SAHM).
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I am having my firstborn’s biological father take her (7yr) for the few days I’m in the hospital with my new partner. I don’t think I could trust someone who wasn’t family with my kids for that long. Even if her father couldn’t take her my mother, is my 2nd choice, and my paternal grandmother is my 3rd.

I’m going to have my mom stay with my daughter. I’m so nervous to leave her though- she’ll be 15 months and I’ve never left her overnight 😩

We’re a military family and I’ve recently moved far from friends and family, so I will have to bring my daughter to the hospital with me 😩

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