Help please

any symptoms in pre eclampsia? i did my blood pressure at home and it was like 105/60 but got this pain in my shoulder? idk if that’s a symptom
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That’s actually a very good blood pressure reading they usually put the reading that is concerning is 140/90 anything Above that is considered high

So they ask you to look out for high blood pressure, proteins in the urine, blurred vision,severe headaches that don’t go away with painkillers,pain below the ribs,vomiting and swelling in your hands and feet. Is there anyway you have hurt your shoulder or anything?

It's an acute pain at the top of your ribcage that you need to look out for. Plus lots of other things, but most common are severe headaches and swelling of your extremities. Hope your shoulder is ok.

@Alice thank you:) i do usually lie on it as it’s my left shoulder so might of had it in a weird position i’m not too sure.

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