Natural cold remedies

Hey mamas ! My LO is 6 weeks old and has a really bad cold, we can't even lie him down hes so blocked up. The GP gave us a saline salt spray which only really eases his discomfort for a few hours - and they said hes still to little for calpol or anything else. Anyone know any natural remedies i could try with him ? Hes such a poor we soul 😣
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Use the spray that they gave you and try sucking out his nose. I find that the electric ones help a lot lol baby Vicks would help a little bit a vaporizer so it will put some moisture in the air. I know some of these are expensive options but they really help as far as things you can give him. It’s unfortunate that they’re really isn’t anything cause babies aren’t supposed to have nothing at that age that isn’t formula/breastmilk because they can’t digest anything else properly so even home remedies that might work for a one/2 year old wouldn’t even work at that age. It sucks my poor baby has been sick off and on all dang winner and we barely even leave the house how he keeps getting sick is a freaking mystery to me. I try staying in so he doesn’t get sick as much, but it hasn’t helped anything. I think his dad gives it to him pretty much every time because he runs around crazy.

Thank you ill keep trying the spray and i used a nose sucker for the first time tonight which seemed to offer him some relief ! Its so hard isnt it having a wee one in the middle of cold and flu season 🙈 hes just wanting my boob constantly which is absolutely fine id rather know he was still getting hydration but my god my boobs are hurting haha Ill try the vaporizer - my friend did suggest this to ! So hopefully it helps a bit 🙏 Our little one got it from his Gran bless and now im loaded to 🙈

If you have a shower .. you could run it hot w the bathroom door closed to turn the bathroom into a bit of a steam room and then sit in there with your little one for 20mins .. I did this with my daughter and it helped her when she had a cold .. if you collected any colostrum when you were pregnant you could give your little one some of that.. seemed to help my daughter when I gave it to her xxx

@Lily thank you! Definitely worth trying the shower 🚿

Put thin slices of potatoes on the bottom of the feet then a pair of socks ( potatoes draw the toxins out of the body , potatoes will turn black and hard ) this also works for the whole family , Also cut red onion put in bowl and and put in any room where your baby is will pull toxins from the air

@Alison aw no way is that a thing ! Thank you deff try it 🙏🙏

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