Symptoms disappearing

I am 5w5d and was having lots of symptoms and since last week they are all going away. My breasts were very tender until yesterday but not as much anymore today. Would it be normal? Anyone else like this?
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It’s very normal! When I first found out I had sore boobs, cramps, back ache. They came and went each day and now I’m just feeling a slight bit of nausea if I let myself get too hungry. Xx

I am feeling quite weak and nauseous when I feel hungry. Thank you!! ☺️

Absolutely normal. I was exactly the same and started to panic thinking where TF have my symptoms gone?! 😅 now I have the sever heartburn and can’t sleep at night so I spoke too soon! 🤣🤣

I have started with several heartburn though it was gastritis, it has gone now as well. Hahaha 😅

I'm also 5 weeks 5 days and had a bit of cramping at first and tiredness but nothing else!

Thank you, it is very reassuring to know that!!!

I’m in the same boat 6+2 and very absent but mostly coming a little then going symptoms. Finding it tough mentally but reassuring when I see others in similar boat! Xx

Hi Moms, I'm feeling the same symptoms Like all of you This is my second pregnancy and is different from my first, I'm feeling strange compared with the first. All the time I think is everything ok Because I don't have any symptoms during the first pregnancy

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