Teething remedies/recommendations

My LO has been sooo fussy lately I have a feeling she is teething what do you recommend we try to ease her pain ?
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My girl has been teething. Her two bottom teeth are sticking out of her gums now. We’ve tried a bunch of teething toys. Some she likes others not so much. I found that if we chilled them it helped her. She liked chewing a cold wash cloth. Out of everything her favorite is the teething straws. They have some on amazon. But we got the ones with the circle stopper to prevent her from sticking too far in her mouth. Her pediatrician said to stay away from the teething gels. I read it wasn’t good for them. If it super bad, she said we could give baby Tylenol. I haven’t needed to go that far. I saw a tick tok video of a mom. She said chewing a green onion helps…but i dont know how true that is lol. Didn’t try it. Try a few different toys. She may take to one of them and lots of cuddles!

Try to give cold food as a teething toy: celery or cucumber works for us.

We used Camila drops (Target or Amazon) and Earthly Teeth Tamer tincture (Amazon) for our little girl, they really really helped her through the first two coming in!

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