Anyone else hate being pregnant?

6 months pregnant with a toddler and outright struggling. Anyone else? 😕
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Yes I was also during my 2nd pregnancy. It was so hard. My only good benefit it that my 2nd pregnancy was during pandemic so husband was home to help. Both my pregnancies were hard on me.

I don't hate being pregnant but I know what you mean when you are struggling with a toddler. Running around after them with a bump feels so much more harder.

I honestly don’t mind having to run after my toddler on the rare occaison that I can but I just have so many other issues like hyperemesis and a constant stomach ache that just makes me literally “hate” it and I don’t hate anything!

@Tara Me too! Both of mine are excruciatingly difficult which is why this is my last!

Yep I was done after 2 and had tubes tied which may have been mistake just because it seem to make endometriosis worse.

@Tara Oh no!

I do… I got a 5 month old and I’m 14 weeks… I didn’t like being pregnant either times… but that’s just me personally

Yes well I'm working on getting hysterectomy to fix it hopefully and something specifically for endometriosis

@Annaliese So sorry you’re in the same boat girly. What makes it difficult for you??

@Tara That’s good 💕 whatever works

Honestly it’s being nauseous the whole time and the tiredness especially now… knowing that I can’t give my baby my full attention because how tired I am. I still try my best but it’s hard cuz right now he’s super attached to me

@Annaliese Awh it’s so difficult isn’t it 😢 I feel really bad too because I can’t really take my toddler out and we’re ALWAYS outdoors doing something fun. This pregnancy is really affecting my mental

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