Down Syndrome

At my 12 week scan my baby wasn’t in the right position to do the Down syndrome screening check. I was offered 2nd trimester blood test screening instead and have just had the results come back as “high risk”. I have a 1 in 23 chance and have been offered a NIPT blood test to be more accurate. Has anyone else been in a similar position? This is my first baby, following a horrific miscarriage last year and as a 38 year old, I’m feeling pretty scared.
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I had these results with my son, even had positive soft markers at the anatomy scan, had it escalate to a referral to a genetic councillor at the children’s hospital to review family tree along with results to determine likelihood of the diagnosis. My son came out 100% fine, he’s perfect, has zero issues. I hope that helps and that it works out for you 🩷

I’ve not been through this myself, but if you look at it from the opposite perspective, that’s a 95.65% chance they won’t have it, which sounds a lot less scary!!x

My friend had that. She did the NIPT blood test and it came back without any issues. It was great to know in her case :-)

I had it recently ; was high risk 1:69 for pattau and Edward’s It was due to: my age (36) low hCG levels low Papp a levels My Nt was 1mm so very good. Got my nipt results and all is low now I think age plays a big part for us high risk Just get the nipt and you will get a more accurate result Then if it still high you get an amino which is 100% accurate Let us know xx

I agree with Caroline. Go for the NIPT blood test it’s more accurate than the screening and non invasive you have nothing to lose. Age plays a huge part in the screening results. Try not to be scared. My babies NT measurements unfortunately got measured very wrong in my 12 week scan, along with my age put me in a very high risk group. I then went for a follow up and had the NIPT. Baby was actually measuring fine and NIPT low chance. Xx

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