Forced gagging

My little girl keeps shoving her fingers down her throat, making herself gag and even throwing up a few times. Directly after she wanders off to play while I clean it up. She’s perfectly fine. She’s my second, I saw this behavior with my first and I know it’s normal body exploration but still 🥲 is anyone else’s baby doing this?
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Yes… every time I give my LO a bath.. he sticks his fingers down his throat.. 🫠🫠

my son does this too. he’s my second as well, but he thinks it’s funny for some reason? idk i think it’s normal😭

Yes my babygirl use to do it. As a first time mom it scared me. Then found out they just like to test their gag reflexes. She would do it every time after a shower

Oh my goodness! I have twin boys who have done this. The one did it, so the other started. They think it’s hilarious. Luckily, it has stopped. I just redirect it like other poor behaviors. Definitely something I didn’t realize they did until I had them.

My son does that too!!!

Mine too so it’s a phase I guess (18mo)

My baby girl 18 m old does that. Freaks me out when I hear her gag but what are you supposed to do? Take their fingers away lol

My son does this!! It’s weird but super normal for them

Yes my son does it as well more when he’s throwing a tantrum

Ha…glad I’m not alone. He doesn’t vomit, but he def gags sometimes. I can’t get him to keep his fingers out of his mouth.

my daughter never did this so i was so shook when my son did it. it is sooo annoying to me so usually i give him something to distract him he hasn’t actually throw up though. just some gagging

Mine does this but i think hes gumming his fingers with his back gums. Anytime i see fingers in mouth i give him my pacifier cause i hate seeing him throwing up.

My daughter used to do this exact same thing, it would drive me crazy. Especially because anytime i would tell her no or take it out she’d throw a fit and then do it again. But she grew out of it

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