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I work in higher education and my due date is the day after classes start. I will be missing end of the cycle prep and first semester prep. Anyone else experiencing timing/work related stress?
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I work in a high school and was able to take leave from September until Thanksgiving, it was great! I was worried about coming back in the middle/end of the first semester but everything went very well.

That sounds amazing! I feel like education can be flexible but not sure!

I'm a high school teacher and am due the day before classes start (August 13) so I am kind of in the same boat. I'm crossing my fingers she comes right on time or even a few days early so that I don't have to be about to pop and also start school. My worst fear is that I will go into labor at school. My maternity leave will end around the middle of October. Which will be in the middle of our second 6 week grading period.

@Shelby 4th Grade teacher here! FMLA allows you to take up to 4 weeks before your due date. Even if she hadn't arrived, you do not have to start the year! My school district wants forms with dates early.(that said it's a double edge sword, FMLA starts when you give birth, even before school starts. My district work days start Aug 19th, I'm due the 9th.)

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