Runny nose

My daughter has had a runny nose since Saturday. No sneezing, fever or cough. Assuming it's from teething because she is drooling quite a bit. Is there anything I could do to help move along the runny nose? Or is it something that has to pass on it's own. It's been 6 days. It's weird though because some days there is minimal drip and other days like today her daycare teacher said it's more runny.
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Nothing to help speed it up but just wanted to say my son gets one every time he gets new teeth! It lasts sometimes over a week and sometimes it’s just a few days.

It could also be mild seasonal allergies. I’ve been very congested lately.

@Jocelyn very frustrating the waiting game. I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and I hate having to separate the two incase it's by chance a cold.

@Amelia I've been considering that, but unsure at the same time since it's just a runny nose.

@Debra yea that could be allergies. Sometimes that’s how I have it. It’s just a little drip or a runny nose and no other symptoms.

@Debra yes I hear you! My little one is congested right now with no other symptoms! I’m thinking it’s teething. I feel so bad especially when he’s sleeping I wish there was something I could do!

Maybe allergies?

Can you try hydrasense? It's a nasal spray. My daughter is always runny as well and find this stuff helps. We spray her nose twice a day.

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