If you didn't have kids what would you be doing right now (jobs, traveling ECT)

If I didn't had my kids I think I would still be working at a pizza hut and trying to go to collage
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Sleeping a ton, Binge Watching Netflix and eating being a couch potato 😄

Working for a vet, trying to go to college. And having tons of animals/books

Probably be miserable in some job or dead

Applying to jobs in other states n traveling 🤷🏾‍♀️

My husband and I would be traveling, drinking fine wines, our house would be paid off, and we'd have more you know what. But yeah... I like the kids too... so, no regrets. 🤪

Realistically I probably wouldn't even be on this planet anymore. She was the reason for my life getting focus and meaning. I was on a very dark path

probably traveling with my partner and be on a beach

Probably still living in an apartment in CA throwing money away and getting high every day, smh.

Sleeping, going out, working a lot , hanging out more , traveling . But I love my little boy he gives me a purpose 🩵😊

still working overnight at a 24 hour wendys 😭

If I didn’t have kids I’d be finishing college saving money to travel to France and wherever

Working in a hospital and studying and travelling to Europe. Maybe! Who knows tbh. It’s fun being a parent too. Hopefully one can do it all whilst being one as well

If I didn’t have my son I’d be home taking care of the property just like I was before.

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