Uti in pregnancy

Currently 6 weeks pregnant and have a uti but I’m scared to get treatment as previously antibiotics have caused me to miscarry as I took them not knowing I was pregnant has any one had a uti this early pregnant and taken antibiotics and it’s been okay
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I cant remember but I’m sure they will only give antibiotics suitable for pregnancy. It’s not worth leaving it. I had one early on in my pregnancy and took antibiotics I now have a baby.

I've taken antibiotics for a UTI at around 8 weeks or so. The doctor prescribed pregnancy safe ones. My baby is now almost 3! 😊 Definitely get to the doctor's as I've also had a UTI that has moved up into my kidneys and kept me in hospital for 4 days (not pregnant)! Good luck 😊

Thats actually how I found out I was pregnant, I had a AWFUL uti, I was basically weeing acid by the time I got seen, I was given antibiotics, safe for pregnancy. Everything was fine amd my baby is a happy healthy 4month old now

Go and get checked out as an untreated uti can cause issues in pregnancy, if you didn’t know last time you were pregnant then the doctor won’t have known to prescribe pregnancy safe antibiotics. Now that you know you’re pregnant they will be able to prescribe you pregnancy safe antibiotics😊x

I have recurrent UTIs and am on antibiotics every couple of months. I've had 3 miscarriages and 1 successful pregnancy. If you know you are pregnant then antibiotics given do not increase the risk of miscarriage. I know how daunting it is to take antibiotics after having a miscarriage following antibiotic use because I miscarried at 10 weeks half way through a week long course (unrelated) but UTIs can be really dangerous in pregnancy and can cause miscarriages themself so the safest thing is to take pregnancy approved antibiotics. I took treatment courses of antibiotics for UTIs about 5 times (first around 5-6 weeks) and was on a low dose of daily antibiotics to prevent UTIs for the last 10 weeks of my successful pregnancy.

A UTI can be very dangerous in pregnancy so no matter if your 6 weeks or 36 weeks go to the doctor. Explain to them how anxious you feel about taking them though and they will go through all the risks of antibiotics with you. I hope you get better soon. Stay hydrated even if it makes you need the toilet even more xx

I had a UTI around 5 weeks, and now have a happy healthy 16 week old! If you tell them you’re pregnant, you’ll be given pregnancy safe antibiotics! xx

Thanks girls xxx

I had a uti when pregnant and had antibiotics all fine

I have been given amoxicillin but they said I have proteins in my urine sample so have to go dr to give another sample xxx

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