- Outside Play ⛅🛝

- My Baby Just Got His First Scratch From Falling In The Park 🫣 He Said “Ouu Ouu”. & That Was ALL! He Was Bleeding A Lil, But After A Few Seconds He Took Off Running Again 🥹💨🏃🏽‍➡️
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Aww omg im always so worried for this moment to come! It seems like it’s scarier for us than it is for them 🥲😅 im glad he was ok and u made it through 🙌🏽

Oh yes. My son legs try to move faster than his little body can manage. He has scraped his knees a few times, bleeding and all. I pick him up to comfort him and he is BAWLING. Not because his knees hurt, but because I interrupted his playing. I put him back down and off he goes playing while I’m like 😳

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