Anyone else done with being pregnant?

I'm due on July 3rd & I have loved growing my baby girl, but I am soooo done with it now. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling her move inside me, but now even that is painful 🥲 I miss being able to eat my normal foods. I loved giant salads & loads of different veg & being active, but now... I crave sugar, can't stomach salad or most veg & being active is almost impossible. 😭 My whole body is swollen, my hands and arms hurt from all the swelling & I lose sensation in them. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I'm so worried about the birth & recovery but right now, I want to go through it all and have my body back as mine. I feel so guilty just writing this but I also have to be honest about it. Am I the only one?
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Nothing to feel guilty about, your body is changing to house that little baby girl of yours and of course it's all gonna be worth it. Recovery isn't bad at all as long as you have support around you, also everyone's birth experience is different and I honestly think there is nothing to worry about, the midwives, doctors and nurses know what they're doing and I'm sure they will take very good care of you. Also I would discuss with your midwife about you losing sensation in your limbs and you feel swollen. You don't have long to go and who knows maybe she will come earlier than her due date 🩷

@Rhiannon I've tried to speak to my GP, my midwife & my consultants but I've been ignored 🥲 keeps happening about different symptoms I've had

Keep onto them about it, even ring 111 about it. They should not be ignoring you at all. When you ring 111 explain you're being ignored by your midwife and I'm sure they will be able to help you out.

@Rhiannon thank you, I'll try that.

You are definitely not alone… I’m due July 4th and I am so over being pregnant. Everything hurts, I’m exhausted. And the movement has been painful for a very long time due to my uterus issues, I feel you there… don’t beat yourself up over this feeling it’s more common than not. But you’ve got this mamas stay strong. It’s a long rough journey but you’re almost through it thus far, I hope you have a safe and healthy delivery and once you get through this I’m sure her being placed in your arms will alleviate any and all pain you’re going through currently (that’s atleast what gets me through the times right now is I know soon enough my little one will be here and this will be over. I feel guilty but this pregnancy has been extremely awful for me during it.)

Same, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I got 4 weeks left 😭

@Lizzie I'm due in 3 weeks tomorrow and I'm doing stretches & walking around my house like a mad woman trying to persuade her to come out. I'm just so uncomfortable

I get tired and out of breath just by walking to the kitchen 😂

I found just sticking to your normal routine in a day worked for me I gave birth at 39 weeks and in the end I felt huge and could hardly walk without a proper waddle😂 walking works and so does painting if you need to decorate anywhere as you’ve got to stretch a bit and it just helps you to be distracted x

this is exactly how i feel my due date is on friday but i just feel like its dragging now and all i can think about is recovering and getting my old diet and body back im not going to lie

I'm due end of July and I'm like in the same boat and over the pregnancy (literally the last month has been my worst) you are literally not alone in this. I mean for 9/10 months our bodies really aren't ours anymore. And I can agree with it being so great to feel the baby move but man when they kick the cervix or pelvis it's the worst it's like just stop not there. Don't feel guilty as probably many other women feel the same

Yep my baby is so heavy that I can’t get out of bed and walking hurts! I’m due July 06th X

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