TMI and gross but

Haven’t been “going” as often but every time I use the restroom and wipe, it’s brown. As if my anal cavity is leaking… debating if this should be something I call my doctor for but my next appointment is next week so maybe it’s not a big deal? Also yellow discharge and lots of it😩 if it’s all normal than I’m okay with it but is anybody in here knowledgeable about these issues? Google says I have internal bleeding but I feel like I would be in pain if it was something serious.
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I'd def say call the doctor just to be sure tbh especially the colored discharge

@Nailah that’s what I thought but also any time I call them with an issue they just tell me to drink more water and put my feet up😅

Sounds like it’s just mucus from your anus. I had the same thing when I struggled to poop. It’s normal. Yellow discharge from where though? The anal mucus is yellow and brown. Try to drink more water and eat more insoluble fiber.

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