Calf cramps at night

Anyone else having painful calf cramps at night? I’m trying magnesium cream tonight, but does anyone have a good solution?!
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Been experiencing the same thing can you let me if the magnesium cream works. Currently up and can’t sleep because of it

Flex your foot it’ll stop them immediately. So instead of pointing your toes pull them back towards your calf. If the cramp is bad enough you may have to do it with your hands or have your partner help. Daily magnesium helped pretty much stop mine but if it ever happens this stops it immediately.

Yeah I try to point my toes up towards my knees immediately and it always stops them.

If you jump up immediately and walk around they usually go away. Or take a magnesium supplement

I've been adding calf stretches twice a day, which has seemed to reduce my cramping occurrences at night. If I feel a cramp starting, I flex my foot immediately and it usually stops before the cramp fully materializes.

Girl I feel you 😭 31 weeks and it has gotten bad this week, I take nightly magnesium to help with relaxing and it seems to help but can take a bit to kick in

@Olivia I take mine in the morning and it’s pretty much gone

I find drinking water helps a lot I use to have bad muscle spasms in my calf very frequently but I noticed it only happens when I over work them or don’t drink enough water lol

I take a magnesium supplement and drink coconut water and it helped to reduce mine

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