My 1 year old hasn’t been in a pool yet. Any recommendations for a pool with easy parking and good instructors in Lincoln? I’d rather drive out a bit than be central to avoid all the traffic.
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We take my girl to Yarborough leisure Centre. They have a baby/toddler pool there and put noodles and toys in the water, we don’t go to classes though so I couldn’t recommend any, but we’ve been going there since she was about 1

Puddleducks have use of a pool at Queens Park hub near St Catherine's roundabout. I have a voucher if you want to use it The pool is heated and instructors are great. We've been going for nearly 5 years

Puddleducks are brilliant, I have a refer a friend code for £20 off too if you'd like it? Xx

That’s so kind thank you xx I’m just worried about how busy that part of town is to drive around. How is the parking there? Xx

@Morgan what days/times do you go?

Parking is good, they allocate parking for swimmers. They also have a lovely warm 33 degree pool in Burton village which is quiet, only 6 to a class there Xx

Aqua stars are great and have several pools! We swam at Queen’s Park on Saturday afternoons even with football on wasn’t that bad traffic wise and as above the parking is allocated for swimmers

NK is really good or aquastars

@Rebecca we usually go on Sundays and depending on the day we go in the morning or afternoon

Dinky dolphins at Nocton x

Is button expensive? Do they do lessons? I might call then tomo, I just feel like LO is missing out because I’m anxious about driving and anxious about changing her 🙈 need to get her in the pool and stop being a wimp! Xx

Dinky Dolphins at Nocton

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