How are mums doing with teething. I have no idea how but my little one has 4 teeth coming all at once and I'm not lying when I say it looks like a 5th and 6th one want to come through too. She has her front four and the two beside the top two are coming through and also there's four at the bottom either side of the bottom two. I'm doing nurofen, Ashton and parsons you name it we have it (possibly) She has an hour to two at most a day of nap and then struggles to sleep until 1am and then we're up again two more times and by the time I do wake up it's 10 but I'm exhausted still and she's still sleeping. I'm also pregnant and due very soon before little girl turns one Any help/suggestions Grateley appreciated
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Have you tried Anbesol liquid? This is the one thing that instantly helps my little boy. You can also alternate nurofen and calpol if they are very uncomfortable x

I second Anbesol liquid. And as @Lauren has said, you can alternate Calpol and Nurofen. Cold watermelon is what she likes now for her gums. Xxxx

Anbesol liquid has been a life saver for us too my little boy has all four front ones cutting through together 😫 it’s awful isn’t it because they must be in so much pain 😢 xx

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