Clear blue test hcg levels

Hi girls, I am 6 weeks 2 days according to my pregnancy app. And today I done a clear blue digtal test and it came back 2-3 weeks. Has this happened anyone else or should I be worried? I don't have many big symptoms either just bloated and tired and my previous pregnancy I had HG then after this I had a MM in March so quite anxious about everything
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Hey hunni I'm also 6 weeks ❤️ congratulations! Look at the leaflet in the box 2-3 weeks means yours about 4-5 weeks pregnant. My Dr told me not to worry what a test says as they go by your first day of your last period. How you feeling?

@Rebecca thanks so much 🥰! I'm feeling good which is scaring me a little as I want everything to go good after the misscarriage in march and with me having hypermesis the pregnancy before. It's so nerve wrecking waiting for the 1st scan. I'm going to book one for 8 weeks. How are you feeling?

No worries 🥰 more than welcome to message me privately if you need ❤️ oh I'm so sorry 😔 oh I know it feels like forever waiting for a scan. Yeah I'm feeling pretty good thanks been an awful year so far so this is great news 🩷🩵

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