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For my stay at home moms, what are some ideas to make income as a SAHM?
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I’m a babysitter!!

Do you like any hobbies you like, for me as an example I started a candle business and skin care.

I'm also interested in any ideas because I've been looking for months for different stay-at-home options and at the end it all turns out to be a scam, so I'm kind of disheartened 😔

Sell products Herbalife products (hair, skin, nutrition), or TikTok (content creator/sell products), Amazon (sell products)

@Cherie P How do I get into selling stuff on Amazon and TikTok?

I sell cookies!

@Komi where do you sell your products

@Tessa where do you sell your cookies? Do you make descent money out of it?

@Monika I do them on Facebook mostly I get about $200 a month or more if there’s a holiday. It’s not a ton but it helps!

i sell crochet items


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