What do I do now?

Hi everyone! I just found out I am pregnant yesterday and told my boyfriend. We have some mixed emotions but mostly happy. I made a drs appt for next week but I have no idea what to do now. I don’t have my own mom to go too, so I thought this might be a good place ❣️
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It’s totally normal to have mixed emotions. Let yourself feel the feels. Trust your instinct and in the meantime start taking prenatal vitamins, just in case. Beat of luck to you!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS! Me and my fiancé had mixed emotions for a while in the beginning as well, especially since we had set a plan for ourselves but we learned that being pregnant isn’t a bad thing. Even when young! What I would do is definitely start prenatal vitamins of your choice, ask the doctor any questions you have(whether you feel ridiculous asking or not), and don’t be afraid of the changes your body will go through. Keep in mind that everyone’s pregnancy is different. Reading from multiple sources and doing what feels right to you is the only correct way to go through this. Good luck to you both 💕

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Congrats !!🎉 praying that you have a smooth pregnancy

Congrats ! If you’re happy, we’re happy ☺️

Start folic acid asap! ☺

Recommendation from me would be- read read read and when read even more! 😊


Definitely start prenatal vitamins even before seeing the Dr, and there’s also great resources online of foods to cut out when you’re pregnant that’s super helpful, like limited caffeine, no lunch meat, no sushi, etc. Good luck!

You will love it!

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