My belly today...i really don’t know how many weeks i am until i go to my next appointment. My boobs are gonna get extra huge
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Everyone's body is so different, no way to tell just by seeing belly size! I bloated a lot in the beginning, now I'm 25 weeks and definitely popping! I had small boobs prior and I'm already up 1 cup size!

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I know this dear

Early on in pregnancy you bloat so it could just be that

I said the same about my boobs today😂 I looked in the mirror and was like damn But I'm 22 wks

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I meant to say omg i bet they r huge

Aww my stomach is kinda forming into that.. if you know when the last time you had your period, you can calculate it online or an app and it’ll tell you how far you are if you’re really anxious! ❤️

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mine was spot on it was exactly what the drs said

It’s not accurate the ultrasound tech told me😄I’m going again Monday as well since i had a bit of confusion going on these past few weeks

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