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I REALLY want to have a water birth however the hospital I’m going to deliver at said I just have to request for it when I go in on the day of labour and see if there is one available. Has it been like this for anyone else? Have you ever been told there wasn’t any birthing pools available on the day? It’s making me anxious! and I’d be upset if it doesn’t go as I imagine in my head😩
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I wanted a water birth but absolutely nothing went to plan for various reasons - I totally see why you want one but I think it might be helpful for you to process that there’s a chance it might not go how you want - and that’s totally ok! Because you’ll still have you’re lovely baby at the end and that’s all that matters ❤️ I really hope it does work out for you though x

If you plan a home birth and organise your pool you are 100% guaranteed to have one available! Just in case you hadn't considered that option. I get it's not for everyone xx

I planned a home birth with a pool but wasn’t able to have it due to ambulance strikes and I needed my waters broken in the end but I did get to use one of the pool rooms on the labour ward and spent pretty much my whole labour in there, which was amazing. Try and push for it if it’s what you really want x

I'm hoping for a water birth but the unit I'm going to only has one so there's a chance it won't be free when I go in. I've made my peace with that and thought about other ways I could manage, i.e. shower, birth ball etc. I've also been told to keep asking the midwives if the pool room is free yet so they know to keep checking it and I can get in as soon as it's freed up 😊 It might also be worth mentioning when you call up if it's free, they won't be able to hold it for you but if there's another lady in there at the time who might soon be done you can choose to go in then or stay at home in the bath a while longer 😊 xx

I was really lucky I had two water births, but there are only 3 in the whole hospital. When i called when I was in labour I told them I would like water birth so it was ready when I got in x

I’d really like one too but if not the hospital do have baths for pain relief at the very least if not being able to birth in it. Try not to get too set on it as they’re so many variables that could affect it happening. A friend of mines water had been gone for too long which prevented her from having one but she still had a lovely experience. X

I recently had a water birth 2 weeks ago and I was surprised the hospital I was at, they only have 2 and both were free! In fact the birthing unit was empty when I arrived everyone was in the labour suite! I went in with the mindset that I wanted the birthing pool, but fully accepting that they would probably both be occupied when I needed one so I didn’t get my hopes up. You’d be surprised the amount of people who have complications, want stronger pain relief therefore aren’t accepted onto the birthing unit. Not gonna lie for a split second I was going to say no take me to the labour suite I need an epidural but I persevered through the pain and at least tried the pool first, and I’m so glad I did! It helped 100% and was such a nice experience. What will happen will happen, but if you get the chance go for it! And if it doesn’t you’ll still have a gorgeous baby at the end of it!

I wanted a birth pool but unfortunately due to complications I had to have a episiotomy and forceps birth, try not to set your heart on one birth plan 💕💕

I wanted a water birth, was in the same situation as you. Unfortunately the pool wasn’t free on the consultant side but I ended up getting an epidural so couldn’t use the pool anyway. I was a little upset at the beginning as I’d had my heart set on a water birth but I found I actually didn’t mind in the moment, I just wanted him here! Definitely plan for all eventualities, so you don’t end up stressed and overwhelmed if you can’t have your water birth. Good luck! X

I'd love a water birth, my hospital only has one, which I was surprised about so I'm prepared for it not to be free...although the midwifes say its not that popular, which again surprised me!x

Don’t have it all set on your perfect plan as it is unlikely to go exactly as you imagine. I planned a water birth but I didn’t even make it up to labour & delivery I nearly had my little girl in the hospital corridor luckily some staff from A&E came and helped me. Have you looked into hypnobirthing or may help you with your worries xxx

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