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I’m 28 weeks pregnant and moving to Cottingley next week. Does anyone know which hospital I’ll likely be under to give birth or have any suggestions if I get to pick? TIA 😊 X
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@Ayshea Oh ok, I’m aware of Leeds General, how many others are there? X

@Ayshea thank you! I’ll look into them x

Hi Tia, I chose LGI and so far the whole team has been great. Could not fault them at all. St James was just not a match for me due to previous negligence but that’s my own personal experience. You can choose one and see what you think you can always change the hospital

@Diana That’s good to know, thank you x

I had mine at St james. They were really good x

Both hospitals in Leeds (LGI and st James) are the same trust so will likely have the same staff across both sites. There is a midwifery led unit at LGI as well as a consultant led unit. There are also more pools and active birth rooms at LGI. They have videos on YouTube so you can see them. You can also choose to go to a different hospital, some people choose to birth at pinderfields, calderdale, Bradford etc for lots of different reasons. Your midwife should give you a booklet that explains all your options. Or you can have a home birth!! There’s a lovely home birth community in Leeds that meet up regularly and have a supportive Facebook group 😊

@Lucy This is super helpful, thank you 😊! Xx

I live in Churwell so right next to you and all my scans were at St James as the parking was better but then I changed to LGI because I wanted to go to the midwifery led unit there. I was given the choice of either :)

@Jess I was looking at logistics and was thinking the parking might be chaos at LGI. Thank you 😊 x

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