All I want to do is hold my baby all day...

Baby is 2.5 months and just love her sooo much. We play and do the essentials...but Is this normal? I see her getting bigger and time just seems to be going so fast. Wondering how other moms feel?
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I felt the same! I still do and she’s almost 2! Soak it all up while it lasts, because it does go so quick. 🥰

Girl my child is going to be 4 years and I get so sad everyday knowing that today is the youngest she will ever be . I’m always watching old vids of when she was a baby and I feel like crying every time. Enjoy her give her all the kisses and hugs and hold her all day if u want because like Ailie said it really does go so fast .

That baby was a part of you for almost 10 months. Of course you want to hold her it was your job for so long and now you get to see her! Touch is so important for babies you're literally helping her grow every time you hold her. Don't let anyone try to tell you that's a bad thing!

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