Labour Induction feeling forced into it

Today my OB randomly told me that next week when I’m 40 weeks they’ll discuss inducing labour which she said normally people induce labour in week 41 if baby isn’t here yet she said 42 weeks is a stretch I feel like she wasn’t suggesting it but telling me what’s going to happen to my body and basically if I don’t agree with it I’m putting myself and the baby at risk being foolish I already hate my hospital and all 4 doctors I’ve seen (3 OBs and 1 midwife) I don’t know which one of them is gonna deliver my baby but they all suck Is anyone else feeling forced like they’re being told by their doctor what needs to happen to their body and their baby? Anyone else feeling like your baby shouldn’t be forced to come out before their nervous system is ready unless of course their life or your life is being put at risk with them staying inside longer?
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I'm sorry that your doc made you feel that way! That's not cool at all. Maybe express to them that you understood their perspectives, but you decline induction or interventions that aren't needed for you. It pisses me off so much hearing about women being pressured by OBs to be induced or having sweeps/checks without their consent or knowledge.

they offered me one too at 39 weeks even thought my pregnancy has no complications at all and i’m 100% healthy. It’s really just for convenience for them and they make a lot more money if your induced. I declined, i think she’ll come when she is ready. There’s really no reason to rush unless medically necessary and I would just ask them to not mention it again unless it becomes necessary.

They should never make you feel forced but after 42 weeks your placenta really stops working and your baby doesn’t benefit anymore being in your womb plus now your body is working twice as hard to keep things going to bear your child longer. Plus bigger baby could lead to complications and a c-section That being said who’s to say your conception date isn’t a little off and you 42 weeks could be like 38 since it’s not an exact science. I feel they should really have just laid out the pros and cons and given their medical advice but still make you feel comfortable to turn it down and let you go as long as you want. Stick to your guns you got this mama

i feel like if they’re wanting to induce you there’s good reason for it, which in your case is baby being late. i’m not sure exactly what happened or what was said but maybe you’re thinking too deeply into it? i just got induced 6 days ago, my doctor didn’t really ask me if it was something i wanted but said “this is what we’re gonna do” but being they had reason for it i didn’t look at it like i was being forced, moreso they’re doing what’s best for my baby. but i guess if there have been other instances where they’ve rubbed you the wrong way then i could understand your concern

@Kassandra this is what my doctor said as well. Asked if I wanted an induction date I said no. She said that's good however once we get too far there's more possibilities of danger and c section because of what you said above. They definitely could have worded it differently and let you know that.

Like Cecilia pointed out, they have their reasons, especially when they say this is what they are going to do, and not just offering it because at 40 weeks, your body has basically done its job, so it would start slowing down which isn’t cool for you and baby, so I won’t feel forced into it, it is better than leaving things and then ending up in an emergency situation for you and baby where my body my choice won’t be in your head anymore but how to make it through. Just take a breathe and hope that baby comes before, and if not just believe you are only doing what’s best for you and your baby. Best of luck 🤞

Don’t let them scare u into induction. The medicine used to induce you isn’t safe (Long term) and like you said, your baby needs 40 weeks to come to develop 100%. It’s your body and no one can force you to do anything you don’t want. I hate my ob too - he’s constantly telling me what to do and I stand my ground and say no whether he likes it or not.

The only time I’d say it’s ok to induce is when it’s an emergency situation which you don’t seem to be having.

Most first time moms go past 40 weeks anyway so I would not worry about anything being wrong if baby isn’t exactly “on time”. If you get to 41 and there’s no signs at all maybe you can reconsider or make a plan - but I bet he/she will be making moves by then!

I was induced at 41+1 and my baby was no where near ready (it seemed) to come out. He was still sitting pretty high up. Belly hadn't dropped, no complications. However when he finally decided to come out, it turned out there was a lot of meconium in there with him as well. I'm not saying to wait until your body and baby are ready. I would just recommend to weigh the risks of what can happen if little one stays in longer than 41 weeks.

I’d say there’s no need to even think about induction until you’re getting to the middle or end of the 41st week. I had my first at 41+4 and my second at 41+0. Both spontaneous labours and both healthy babies.

I don’t try to think I know better than my dr. And going longer than 40 weeks sounds terrible to me I would want to induce lol. Just my opinion.

The problem with inducing well before baby is ready is that it can stall and then you end up with a C section. Everyone’s experience is different, some go really well. I also induced before he was ready to come out and it was a very loooong process, barely avoided a C section and then got a serious infection that became septic. There’s clearly 2 camps - but I’m in the one now where I would only induce for medical reasons

It’s very frustrating to feel like you’re being told what’s going to happen versus being an active part of your own treatment and delivery journey. Your feelings are valid, mama. It seems like the way the doctor presented the info wasnt in a way that was supportive or inclusive of you. At 42 weeks your placenta is no longer growing or able to give your baby the nutrients they need to survive in the womb. It does unfortunately pose a risk for both you and baby to not induce by then because the risk of complications is much higher. However it’s your decision to make and your call, and if induction is medically necessary (which by 42 weeks it will be), you still deserve to exercise your autonomy over your body and tell them what you’re ok with and what you’re not ok with if you’d like your body to labor naturally. Induction gives you a little boost, but the rest is all your body doing the incredible thing it’s supposed to do. By no means does it mean anything else. It’s your journey ❤️

At my birth center the protocol is to wait until you’re around 41w and schedule the induction for the day you hit 42 w. Scheduling ahead of time is helpful bc you can normally get a better time frame (going in at 10am instead of 12am) and it gives you a plan to fall back on. They told me a lot of women end up going into spontaneous labor and not needing the induction but it’s good to have as a back up plan. I just hit 39 weeks and would REALLY like to avoid an induction. I’m planning an all natural tub birth (super crunchy mom here🙋‍♀️). Inductions increase the risk of further interventions A LOT so I’d like to avoid that at all costs. However, if I make it to 42 weeks then I’m going to trust my midwives judgement and go in for the induction. The average first time mom goes into labor at 40w 5d. My sister had her baby at 41w 2d so I’m not too nervous. He’ll come when he’s ready and before 42 weeks I’m not considering any interventions.

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