3 months ago

Think we won against colic!

Just wanted to share our success, might help someone, as it took a lot of googling and reading to figure it out. So my girl got colic around 2 week mark and as I'm EBF, I was trying to change my diet to help her (even going to pharmacy to ask for some drops, they said I shouldn't get any and focus on eliminating things from my diet). I went on leaner food - nothing that bloats or can irritate, no spices. And I cut out dairy. Day 11 of being dairy free and we had 6 pain free days! Including last 4 in a row. Not saying it will be the case with everyone, but with a shot. Even my HV said, once I told her I did it, that some babies can be sensitive to lactose and she referred me to a dietitian to help me reintroduce dairy slowly and safely. We also tried Frida Baby Windi when she was in pain and it gave her instant relief, plus I started her on BioGaia probiotics.
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3 months ago

Nice one!! Congrats😍😍😍😍

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