I have complete placenta previa

I'm scared I think I'm the only one that bleed for weeks 🥺🥺🥺🥺
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Should I be worried I have complete placenta previa was told tht at 12/13 weeks had one bad bleeding episode got put on bed rest but still bleed when I wipe ? It never fills a pad I told my doctor but she seems so unprofessional

@Nicole did your placenta end up moving enough for you not to need a c section? I have a CPP, 3 heavy bleeds and they have told me it’s highly unlikely that it will move for me. I’m terrified of being cut open

Hi @Vicky sorry to jump on here- how are you doing? I have just read through this thread. I’m 20 weeks and just been hospitalised this week for my first bleed which was followed by another 2 after waking up in the morning exactly how you describe. I can see from the messages you had your first bleed at 23 weeks. Just wanted to connect as looks like we are having similar journeys 😊

I hope we both make to our goal 🙌 they don’t like putting people in bed rest due to leg and lung clots but I have only stood or walked for very short periods other than that I am sitting or lying down. Both bleeds happened in the morning after I had been lying down all night so I’m not sure how much moving around has to do with it. I have read that some women put themselves in bed rest and it has worked. I will continue to do the same if I’m allowed home. Strictly no sex, orgasms, massage or reflexology, and no lifting

Oh boy, I am sorry girl!!! Stay positive. I know we all want our babies to stay in as long as possible it's a scary journey. Last time I was admitted to the hospital I asked my doctor when would it be considered somewhat safe for the baby to come if I had to deliver her early and he told me that 28-29 weeks there is a 80%-90% survival rate which is amazing. At the same time, I was worried because when I was first admitted I was 23.2 and he was open about the fact nothing could be done at this gestation. I'm hoping to make it 30+ weeks but we shall see!! At this point, I'm putting everything in God's hands and hoping for a good outcome. Where you placed on pelvic rest/bed rest? I've been doing that since I found out and it's done wonders for my bleeding. 🙏🙏

I’m now 27.6 and was hospitalised yesterday due to another bleed. I was given steroids yesterday it’s an ever moving picture who knows what today will bring. I just want baby to stay in as long as possible

@Vicky wishing you the best of luck, Vicky!! You too, Jacquite..... my mom came in from out of town to help as they put me on pelvic rest. It's been hard not being able to hold my daughter and limit activity but I'm staying positive. On a positive note, many people go on to have perfectly normal/full term pregnancies even with this condition so all we can do is stay positive.💗💗🙏🙏

I have one completely covering os I’m 27 weeks and just spent 3 nights in hospital due to bleed but they eventually discharged me after 24 hours of no fresh bloody (Red) I still have a bit of brown. They constantly monitored me and baby but no matter how small of you bleed got to hospital don’t risk it! You are not alone!

Hi mama, I had it covering my cervix also but miraculously it moved and now I have been diagnosed with Placenta Previa Marginalis. .07 up from the cervix. Doctor said that if I can pass to 2cm + it will resolve. Please have hope!! I am still scares but am having my next visit at Fetal Medicine just to make sure my placenta is in good shape. Feel free to message!!💗💗

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