Mirena Coil fitted just over a month ago.

Hi all, i wonder if anyone can please put my mind at ease. I had a mirena coil fitted a month ago, and experiencing very heavy, prolonged period and cramps, which seem more painful and heavy than ever before, this is the reason why i had one to help with the heavy periods, i am also on my second course of Norethisterone tablets to reduce the bleeding. When will this settle down?
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I can't put your mind at rest I'm afraid. For me mirena coil was the worst thing I've ever had. Took it out after 2 weeks. I collapsed several times with it x

Hi Kirsty. I had covert heavy periods. I couldn’t leave the house more than an hour as it would be down my legs and everywhere. I had to coil fitted in March. My periods were still heavy but not as bad. I got lighter and lighter. I had a period start 1st July and bled constantly until 2 days ago. It’s very light so only need a liner on but it’s always there. They told me 6-12 months and they will stop. Apparently they always work just some take longer and a lot of women don’t wait. I’m happy I got mine in to be honest and it’s very light. I said I’d give it a few more months but I couldn’t go back to how I was before it was fitted. I hope it gets better for you. I’ve never really had cramp with mine.

@Julie Thankyou for your reply Julie. Omg thats so awful. I am really sorry to hear that.

I wanted to be one of these people who just stop but not that lucky lol. They are awful. Good luck, I hop it improves for you soon

Hi Kirsty. I’ve had mine in for just over 4 months. I stopped bleeding about 3 weeks ago. I researched it and it can take up to a year to settle. I’m now definitely feeling the benefits. My instincts were to have it out early doors but decided to persevere. So happy I did. Hopefully yours will settle down 🤞

@Julie Hi Julie, Thankyou for your message, i really don't know whether to persevere with it, or get it removed, i was told it could take between 3 - 4 months to settle down, i have heard some women say they just have light spotting, then stop, nope not me, they were heavy before, now they are far worser. I really hope it improves, as at the moment i feel like i am constantly on my period.

Yea I definitely feel like I’m constantly on. I was worse before so I didn’t even think about having it removed. My sister in law is a nurse who deals with coil fitting and menopause every day abs she told me to persevere it does improve. Not sure how I’d feel if mine had of been heavier tho. You have to do what is best for you

I did bleed for a long time, best part of two months constantly when i first had it fitted. It did ease off but still basically had a period with all the symptoms for the first three years but it was far better than I used to suffer with. For me it was the lesser of two evils. Had my second one fitted beginning of March this year and is much better but that could just be down to my age. You just have to go with what feels right for you I guess. It works great for some but not others.

@Lesley thankyou, oh okay, thanks for the advice, maybe i should persevere and see how it goes, i just feel very unlucky as i am constantly bleeding and if it wasn't for the norethisterone tablets, i really don't think i would be able to leave the fkat. 😔

@Julie Thankyou Julie. I think i will see how i go, it has only been a month, as long as it dosen't get any heavier.

@Briony thats good to hear that Briony, i agree, it works for some, but not others, i think as it has only been a month, i need to give it more time, and hope that it does settle down.

I loved my Mirenas! I had painful haphazard periods (my 'natural' cycle never really settled down from puberty) and mild endometriosis, but not particularly heavy bleeding. The best thing i ever did after a lifetime of struggling with pain and erratic cycles. I still have one in place, although the progestogen has now run out (so I use Utrogestan as part of my HRT). I'm postmenopausal now at age 53. Please do persevere if you can - the noristherone should kick in and help too.

Hi I’m a gynae specialist and it takes times for it to work try and go with it if you can. If not reach out to your doc x

@Laura Hi Laura, thankyou for coming back to me, is it normal to bleed so heavy, i have heard that most women just have spotting and then nothing, how long will it be before that will ve me? How long can i take norethisterone for? As soon as i stop them, the period is unbearable. I will do, thankyou. X

Worst thing I every did was have the coil fitted, so much pain for years and nearly 4 years later had to have emergency surgery to have it removed as it had moved to my side and luckily didn’t perforate my bowels

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