FTM currently 33+2 and I have a scan in 4 weeks but been told they’ll then book me in for a sweep. I thought that was only for when you’re overdue? What is involved in a sweep? What was your experience and did it help?
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It's your doctors getting a move on... you have every right to refuse this and let your body do what it needs to naturally. Defo read up about pros and cons. A lot of places always hurrying things along when it's not needed. If you're a fast fish reader, read Ina May's guide to childbirth a lot of info in there on premature induction and your rights and choices

It's a method of getting labour going. I had it a couple times in my last pregnancy, it's not a very comfortable experience. As someone already mentioned a midwife will use their fingers to sweep the cervix. Normally it won't work if you are too early as you need to be very slightly dilated for them to get their fingers in. They should definitely explain why they are offering it so early though! I had it as I was late.

It's worth a bit of research and thinking if this is something you actually want. There are risks that come with it and many places will offer it in advance despite there being no clinical need for it. If there isn't any medical need, why bother? The NICE guidelines around this give a lot of info x

I’ll be offered them from 38 week due to gestational diabetes, it involves a vaginal exam where they find the cervix with two fingers they then insert the finger/fingers into the cervix if they can, stretch it with their fingers (the stretch part) and then sweep their finger between the cervix and the membranes of the baby (the sweet part). I’ve given many of them sometimes they work sometimes they don’t every body is different x

I had a sweep with my last child (3rd baby) at 38+4 just because my midwife offered. My waters broke the same night x

That's somewhat similar to me although I'm not booked in to get one until 39weeks. I'm also a FTM but I have GD so I think that's why x

My friend had a sweep to try and get things moving because baby was measuring big, then they induced her but she wasn't overdue.

Normally, they don't do sweeps until after 40 weeks, especially for the first baby, unless medical reasons for induction? Have they given any other information?

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