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Obviously baby will be in our room for a while. We don't have space for a changing table so the plan is to change him on a changing mat on the bed. But I was wondering how people are setting up their bottles for the night feeds. We have a prep machine that we plan to use in the day. Would this suit at night in our bedroom? Should we use a flask? Are people setting up a little table or something? Don't want to be going downstairs every time he wakes to make a bottle!
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Amazing! Thank you all so much for the advice. Definitely very useful! 🩵

We used the prep machine in our room at night, will be doing the same again this time. We just put it on our chest of drawers.

I highly recommend using Puppy pads instead of a changing matt on the bed. That way any mess and it absorbs it and you can just chuck it away and use a new one rather than having to clean up a changing matt. Also if baby is in bed with you I recommend having them sleep with a puppy pad under the sheet just incase of a blowout! You can also use ready made formula which is served at room temperate.

You could use the prep machine at night you’ll just need to keep taking it up and down the stairs each time. The only thing I’d say is the prep machines can be quite noisy with a whirring sound whilst the water is coming out so depends if that would bother you or not ☺️

I didn’t have a changing unit with my first and tbh it’s just easier to change them on the bed at night away as they’ll be in a next to me/Moses next to you anyway! In regards to feeding, I formula fed and plan to again. I started off using the ready made bottles and just poured the desired amount into a sterilised bottle but then after a while that got expensive so then got a Nuby rapid cool and a flask where the water will stay hot for 12 hours and made feeds up that way. I kept a caddy with nappies etc under the next to me cot and then just put the feeding stuff on my bedside table. You could maybe look to get a little multi-shelf trolley thing that you could put nearby and have bottles etc on one shelf and a night light, nappies etc on the next shelf x

We have a changing unit but the otherside of the room.We have a next to me crib so to avoid getting up at all i'll be using a nappy travel changing mat to change on the bed then my bedside unit i've turned into a mini station.Just a basket of nappies,wipes,cream,nappy bags & a flask with a bowl if u wanted to wanted to heat up a bottle. I'm breast feeding so left that out atm. Also a red night light which has sounds to mimic the womb. That way u can just stay in bed & not even have to get out.

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