Due date was yesterday and no sign of baby wanting to come out

40 weeks and 1day today, no contractions im only 2cm dilated so i couldnt get a membrane sweep, the hospital i preregistrated with isnt connected with my doctors(it was the closest hospital to where i just moved to) so they cant schedule an induction so now i just have to wait until 41 weeks to just go the hospital of baby doesnt come naturally.
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I'm in the exact same situation, 1 day past my due date, except I'm 0 cm dilated. Feeling very discouraged. The thought of being pregnant another week has me in tears

Do you have a yoga ball? Do the motion of an 8 on the ball while sitting on it. I can't say for sure why my baby came but I think it was all the exercises I was doing to stimulate her to go down ....

This happened to me but out of nowhere I started to get contractions the very next day at 40 weeks and two days. I went in at only 3 cm but I was definitely having contractions so I was kept. Your baby will be here sooner than you know it's crazy to think about it but when they are here you will be so emotional and love them so much that it's worth the wait

That’s what I thought… but no

@Paige she said she couldnt get in my cervix to do one

Why can't you get a membrane sweep? I thought as long as you were 1cm they could do them?

This is my third pregnancy btw.!

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