Baby milk help!!

Anyones baby getting a rash and runny poo from cows milk? I changed her to soya and now she is crying more. Feel like I’ve made a bad choice?
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How old is she? Cow milk shouldn't be introduced until after they're weening on solid foods I didn't think? They should only have breastmilk or formula until then? Sorry if I've misunderstood!

Sorry I meant formula but I think she is allergic so started soya but she’s worse


Maybe she has an allergy? Cow and soya have the same protein which is why she might be reacting to both - maybe try goat or a HA milk to see if its any better?

@Amy I think the Dr's can prescribe one for intolerance, I'm sure I read that on here before! May be worth asking them 😊 hope you find something that works soon!

Talk to HV or GP- we got sent to hospital to talk to a consultant and were prescribed a special formula for Cow's Milk Protein Allergy. It stinks, surprised baby drinks it, but no more diarrhoea or rash. If you are breastfeeding at all you'll also be advised to cut out dairy from your diet.

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