Sertraline and birth

Hey. Not sure if this is the right group to post in. I am 22 weeks pregnant, second time mum. But first time on sertraline. I have severe health anxiety and OCD traits (all about germs) I have been on sertraline since Jan and feel so much better. My question is have anyone of you been on this while pregnant. I know the side effects are very rare and tbh the risk to me not being on them for my MH isn't worth not having them. I wondered if people have to stay in hosp a little longer after birth (I'm having a elective section. Due to a very traumatic emergency section last time which triggered my breakdown. ) Thanks so much.
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I am on the highest dose of Zoloft for my OCD and Wellbutrin for depression. I’m 13 weeks pregnant with my second. It’s been a game changer!

I’ve been on sertraline throughout my pregnancy (currently 36 weeks) and have reduced my dosage throughout. Wanted to come off but the consultant (I have gestational diabetes) advised to stay on it as the dip in hormones after can be a lot to take. They haven’t said that been on this will make my stay longer

I've started back on sertraline today. Long old history of depression and anxiety, which has spiralled during pregnancy and finally caved and decided to get back on meds to help with peri natal depression. I discussed this with my Obs consultant a few weeks back when I was considering the need for medication - she advised all they'd want to do is have baby reviewed by paediatrics as they can sometimes show signs of withdrawal when mum in on antidepressants, but it's something they do often and rarely need to do anything about (and you'd be surprised how many pregnant women are on SSRIs). Doesn't necessarily mean a longer stay in hospital, just a review from the paediatrician 😊

Hi! I was on sertraline while I was pregnant and also had a c-section. I didn’t have to stay longer than the 2 days they require.

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