Is baby head down

As someone who is plus size it’s hard to navigate where the baby should be kicking to know it’s it’s head down , during my 28 week appt I was told baby was breach , I know there’s a 70% that it will move round until 34/36 weeks I’m currently 31 weeks and 2 days and I’ve been really fixated on navigating where the baby’s kicks are and what position it may be in 😫 at the moment I always feel it above my belly button , sometimes at the side of my hip and today right above my belly button. As someone who’s plus size how do you navigate where the baby is positioned based on kicks?
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Sounds like she could be head down. My midwife recommended this website to me when my 1st was breech at 36 weeks. Also told me that being in all fours help them turn.

@Rachael This gives me so much hope , I’ve been so stressed lately my scans next week so I’m praying she’s head down

@Sammi 💖 it’s really confusing , Google doesn’t help either 😂 but I feel exactly the same I often feel kicks on my lower stomach and Above my belly button but never any higher

@Stacy I wouldn’t say a lot but since last week I definitely feel a little pressure and recently I’ve started to get a lot of lightening crotch and when I lay down whenever I turn to each side it feels like my lower parts are about to snap or pull a muscle

@Sharon I have a scan on the 30th I’m praying she has gone head down 😩and thank you so much 💕

Baby has been head down for the last 4 weeks for me (had a couple growth scans and midwife can feel) but I’ve never had kicks up by my ribs ever, they’re always to the sides of my stomach which I’ve thought is weird when I see her in the head down position on the screen and know that her butt is up at the top- honestly I don’t know how you’d be able to tell without a scan, doesn’t seem to be a pattern in where they kick or punch us 😂

Baby was always head down for me from about 20 weeks so I was lucky. Kicks were always super high like up near my ribs under my boobs. The smaller flutters I felt lower were hands/arms and hiccups.

I honestly don't think you can tell when I went for my 4d scan 2 weeks ago baby was head down I was surprised as I had been feeling the kicks low down (me thinking that was her feet) been for my growth scan (28 wks) & she's now breech still feeling kicks low down I'm plus size but I don't think that has anything to do with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she turns 🤞

Do you feel alot of pressure in your vagina area.?

Sounds like baby is still breeched. My baby turned head down at 30 weeks and I have felt kicking up by my ribs and all above that area and I’m plus sized. I feel her hands and elbows down below from my belly button. Hopefully baby is turned by your next sono 🥺

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